Promote Your CATALOGS & SELL Your Products...

RIGHT on YOUR Facebook Page!

  • Also, use the SAME Digital Catalogs or Publications on YOUR Website, and for E-mail, Social Media & other Promotions - - for ALL Desktop & Mobile (Tablets & Smartphones) Devices
  • SELL your Products DIRECTLY to all your Facebook Fans - Enjoy the "Sharing" Power of Facebook & other Social Media sites by generating New Sales & New Customers
  • NOW - Your Facebook Fans & Friends can:

"Shop & Share Your Catalogs,
Without Leaving Facebook"™

A New & Convenient Way to Shop by Catalog

Promote ANY Publication, in ANY Language: Catalogs, Flyers/Circulars, LookBooks, Brochures, Travel Guides, Magazines, Manuals & many more. If you don't have Catalogs, we'll produce LookBooks for you.


Responsive Design

All Digital Catalogs & other Publications will be integrated into SocialFy's fully Responsive Platform to enable your Catalogs or other Publications to be beautifully displayed on any device, platform or screen.

High Resolution Laptop

Browser Based Solution

Use our Solution on ANY of your Favorite Devices:
iPad, Android Tablets, Surface, Kindles, iPhone, Smartphones and, of course, your Mac or PC.
ABSOLUTELY – NO Readers, Downloads or APP’s are Required for ANY Device.


Mobile Solution

Our responsive design platform enables your publication to be viewed perfectly on every mobile device regardless of browser, screen size or operating system. Truly a mobile first approach.

Mobile Phones

Enhance Customer Engagement

NOW – Your Facebook Fans & their Friends can: “Shop & Share Your CATALOGS, Without Leaving Facebook”™. This is a New, Convenient & Immersive way for Consumers to Shop by Catalogs - - and will enhance their Engagement with, and Brand Awareness of, your company.

Fast & Easy Implementation

To implement your Catalogs into our Facebook “Page Tab” Program and display them on your Facebook page, we simply require a copy of the PDF file of each Printed Catalog, as well as a data feed or Excel spreadsheet with Product or SKU Numbers, Product Descriptions and URL’s identifying Hot Spot links – We do the REST ! If you do not have Printed Catalogs or LookBooks, we will produce LookBooks for your Products.

Great ROI - - Promote via FREE Posts

Promote your Catalogs via FREE Posts to all your Facebook Fans. Post frequently with exciting & important news for your customers, such as: Special Product Offerings & Discounts, New Catalogs, Free Shipping, Referral Bonuses, Coupons & more - - to encourage your Facebook Fans & their Friends to keep coming back to your Facebook Page to SHOP Your Catalogs - - RIGHT in Facebook! Great Conversion Rates & ROI justify BOOSTED Posts & Advertising via Facebook, Google & other campaigns for “Your Catalogs on Facebook”™.


Measure your Social Marketing efforts using our Facebook “Page Tab” Program by analyzing, in Real Time, extensive Engagement Reports including: Number of Users, Number of Sessions, Number of Page Views & Clicks to Detail Pages, Duration Times and many more statistics.

Great, Flexible Pricing

In order to maximize your ROI, we offer Great, Flexible Pricing.

Easy-to-Use & Fast Sharing Features

Your Facebook Fans will share your Products / Catalog Pages & Entire Catalogs with their Friends - - generating significant New Sales & New Customers. Your Products & Entire Catalogs will be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & other Social Media platforms worldwide and, at the same time, will increase your Facebook Fan Base (Likes) substantially.

SEO Compatible

All Features (Including our UNIQUE, Extensive “Dropdown Menu” & “View ALL Pages”, both with Product Descriptions) of our “Catalogs on Facebook”™ Program / Facebook “Page Tab” Program are fully SEO Compatible.


SocialFy’s Facebook “Page Tab” Program - - A Fast, Easy & Inexpensive way to significantly enhance the Monetization of your Social Media assets.

Embed Video and Audio

Significantly increase your Conversion Rates and Customer Engagement with the use of Video & Audio throughout your "Catalogs on Facebook"™.