SocialFy is a group of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the Digital Catalog/Publication & Social Media industries in USA & Canada. We are dedicated to innovate, develop & implement Desktop, Laptop & Mobile (Tablets & Smartphones) solutions to make “Social Media Catalog Shopping” - - one of the very BEST ways to Shop on Facebook, on YOUR website and from YOUR E-mail, Social Media & many other types of Promotions.

SocialFy’s “Responsive Design” & “Cutting-Edge Technology” used in our Customized Digital Catalog Program provides Consumers with a consistent, welcoming experience across all Desktop & Mobile (Tablets & Smartphones) devices. Our Unique & Proprietary systems provide you with the absolute “Best, Professional Presentation” of your Digital Catalogs, Brochures, etc. on ALL Desktop & Mobile devices to Maximize your Sales, Customer Satisfaction and ROI.

By SocialFy combining the market proven, cutting-edge technology of our Customized Digital Catalog Program and the integration of same into the robust Facebook platform, your customers will now enjoy a New, Convenient & Immersive Catalog Shopping experience with our Facebook “Page Tab” Program. At the same time, your customers will enhance their Engagement with, and Brand Awareness of, your company - - generating Sales for you directly and also by them sharing your Products / Catalog Pages & Entire Catalogs with their Friends Worldwide.

With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram and other Social Media companies having billions (jointly) of consumer users, SocialFy will continue to focus on developing New & Unique Social Commerce platforms by incorporating Catalog Shopping into Social Media Worldwide.